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Chris Sorensen

Chris is the owner of C&C Professional Truck Training of Canada, as well as owner of a family operated trucking company, Sorensen Trucking. Chris has been accident free for well over 20 years and has a great deal of experience to pass on to our students. With his knowledge of both sides of the industry he is a great asset to the school.



Linda Embling

"Three Days Older Than Moses " 

As office manager, Linda takes a cheerful and courteous approach to all of the office-related tasks and duties assigned to her. In addition to helping with everyday questions, Linda's 30 years of experience lends itself very well to issues concerning funding, resumes, as well as assisting new drivers in securing employment in the transportation field or any other questions they may have.



Peter Embling

"Older Than Dirt"

Peter was born (or hatched) 57 years ago. He first began driving a dump truck in 1972, and then graduated to a tractor-trailer in 1973. Over the years, he has driven just about every type of truck, and hauled every type of load from van loads to oversized structural steel with lengths of up to 127 feet.

Most of his career was spent hauling flat beds, including B-Trains, and has been entirely accident free. He truly enjoys being an instructor because he feels he can help others get into a profession that has served him well over the years, as well as provide the freedom of the open road, and without a boss looking over your shoulder. 


Eric St. Pierre

Eric has been driving commercially for almost 20 years. He became an instructor 10 years ago. He is our air brake instructor and he makes learning about it very interesting.  He is a welcome asset to our company.